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Experiences and tour


Urban Trekking
Up&Down in History

Through a gentle walk we discover the cultural and urban beauty of the city of Amelia. It is an opportunity to take a look at the frescoes of Palazzo Petrignani and the underground passages of Amelia starting from the Archaeological Museum.


Archaeology that excites!
From the statue of Germanicus to the city
/One day tour

Amelia welcomes you with its the imposing Megalithic Walls, the extraordinary and unique bronze statue of Germanicus and the evocative basements, where a jewel of Roman architecture is hidden, the Cistern.

Art lovers should not miss the unique bronze statue of Germanicus, here the words of a well-known archaeologist, Mario Torelli “…it represents for Roman art what the Riace Bronze statues respresent for Antique Greece”.

Our day in Amelia begins with a visit to the rich Archaeological Museum, which houses the well-known bronze statue, more than two meters high, which represents the Roman general Germanicus, prince of the Gens Julius Claudia, father of Nero.

After tasting one of Amelia’s most renowned products, the dried figs, known since Roman times, we continue the tour in the part of the village among the remains of ancient Roman roads and the cisterns.


Amelia upsidedown!

We start our tour with the great walls, evidence of a glorious past of this ancient Umbrian settlement, we then continue the tour to discover the archaeological remains hidden from the eyes of many, such as the monumental Roman Cisterns.

Continuing the walk through the alleys, you reach the top of the town where you can admire the dodecagonal civic tower dating back to the year 1000 and the adjacent cathedral dedicated to Santa Fermina, the patron saint of Amelia.

Inside the church, banners stolen from the Turks during the battle of Lepanto (1571). In front of the cathedral the enchanting landscape offered by the Belvedere.

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